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I’m announcing publicly my plans to reunite with my ex. For some of you this is a shock. Others may be questioning my sanity. I know. It’s surprising me a little too.

What do you mean? How can you do this to your family?

First, let’s be clear… I’m not leaving my wife. She’s been a rock throughout this process and has helped me navigate my emotions for my old partner. For that I’m very thankful. I love her just as much today as when she married me almost 20 years ago.

My kids have taken the news in stride, but they just want me to be happy and folow my heart. That’s pretty mature stuff from a couple of young women who have never faced a decision like this. I hope they take their own advice later in their own lives.

Ok, so I am confused.  What are we talking about?

Effective February 1, I’ll be returning to my “past life” in a corporate environment. It will be an adjustment for sure, and I’m hoping it goes smoothly, but I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a bit nervous.  I’ve been living the freelancer’s life for almost 5 years now and have gotten used to the independence and autonomy that allows me.

That said, I’m very excited to take all the things I have learned from my entrepreneurial adventures and apply them to a more “structured” environment.  I think there is a perspective I can bring, now having lived in both worlds, that can benefit those I work with.

I also am a different man than I was when I came to the corporate environment back in 1998.  I come to this opportunity with a unique view of work as both an occupation and a mission field, and it provides the opportunity to use my gifts and help others use theirs.

Most exciting has been the ways I’ve seen God at work during this process.  For a guy whose uncomfortable with the question, “what do you want to do?”, it’s been a great reminder that God’s got all the answers as long as you are willing to follow Him one step at a time.

Here’s to taking that next step.

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