We had a wild and exciting opening today at 709 Main Street! After starting the day on a down note due to no internet access, the group of Many Hatters who showed up to check out the place sprung into action cleaning, decorating, moving furniture, and moving in.  And many “hats” (and hands) made light work, as the space seemed to come together very quickly.

The day got even brighter when, through the heroic efforts of LISCO and Andrew from DSI, we were able to get our internet back up and running and the network squared away.  A few minor fixes tomorrow should have everything on line and ready to go.

Some other thank you’s:

  • Thanks to Jeremy Vos for installing our coffee maker ,offering up free coffee to members for the next 2 weeks, and taking care of a leaky sink issue to boot!  Without him, several caffeine addictions may have been on the path to recovery, but the group was much happier upon sampling the “house” coffee! 🙂
  • Thanks to Mike Kleis, Scott Sorheim, & Tom Awtry for helping move furniture into the building.  We now have a comfy leather couch and recliner gracing our front space due in large part to there sweat equity.
  • Thanks to Mike & Scott again for their help in moving and assembling the large bean table… I’ve decided it is no longer a kidney bean, but a coffee bean… and a beast at that!
  • Thanks to Andrea Wiesenmeyer, Carol Van Klompenberg, Tom Awtry, Scott Sorheim, and Kathie Evenhouse for their efforts to help clean and organize the space.  Your efforts help us get off to a great start.
  • Thanks to Scott for the addition of the mini-fridge to keep our beverages and lunches cool and the 24 port hub to keep our wired connections humming.
  • And thanks to all of you for pitching in where needed…taking out the trash, scrubbing baseboards, etc… to help me fly through my to-do’s.

And some more milestones:

  • By my count we had 7 people using the space today with a number of visitors and guests.  We also had 2 prospective users tour the space!
  • The single cup coffee maker Jeremy’s company is providing for the space makes excellent coffee.  Not only can you get a good cup of joe, you can also get a custom latte or specialty drink.  And for the regular cost of $.50 a packet, you can’t beat the price!
  • Scott Sorheim had the first “finished” office space.  It is something to be beheld, and I would encourage you to hit him up for the nickel tour to see how the cool kids live.
  • Mike Kleis as the first to officially try out the conference room, hosting a meeting for a client.

Looking forward to seeing the gang again tomorrow.  Planning on adding some photos to the blog tomorrow as well.  Should finally have some “after” pictures to share!

This post was originally written October 4, 2010, but more recently published here to consolidate my writing.  Enjoy!