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Sometimes life imitates art.  Sometimes art imitates life. 

Sometimes simple emails turn into the best thing you’ve written in a while.  Enjoy.  

From: Joel Bennett 
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 12:17 PM
To: Kevin Korver
Subject: RE: Life Stories 

Kevin- First, I’ve been very excited about the current series, and I think many others have found themselves more engaged in “the story” as we have progressed.  Thanks for your teachings in this area. 

I think the obvious way that I have engaged in God’s story is how he has used me through ACTS.  From starting it in 2006, to leaving my role with Pella Corp. after 11 years in 2009, to expanding the ministry this year to hire on someone else to expand our work, ACTS was God’s writing all along; I have just been lucky enough to be one of the characters in the story. 

But more importantly, over the last few years I have been able to gain valuable perspective of my place in this world, in His Kingdom, and in His story for all of us.  I now realize that most of the things we build our life around are structured to a story with a final page— our death.  And although most Christians believe they’ll be spending eternity with God in heaven, they live their current lives like their chapter is coming to a close.  For that reason they look at their lifetimes here on earth as a final hurrah before returning to God’s service, packing as much in before their “final day” comes.  We cram our schedules with activities, send a steady stream of money into our retirement accounts, and work for decades in “good” jobs hoping that God will give us a few years to “enjoy ourselves” in retirement before we die.  No wonder we’re tired, disconnected, and look at life with a fatalistic view! 

If we understand that we’re part of God’s story, and we believe that there is an eternity to be spent in Heaven or Hell, then we also need to understand that His story has no end page; by parallel our story will not either.  In relative terms, our life on this earth will be as short as the dedication of most modern novels.  With that in mind, do we really want that section to read, “To me, and the world I once served. Now on to the next chapter.” 

My hope is I live a life here on earth that allows that time to be summed up as follows, “To God, who allowed me to experience a glimpse of Heaven on Earth.”  That’s a story I can’t wait to dive into… 

Joel Bennett 

From: Kevin Korver 
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 9:51 AM
Subject: Life Stories 




Life Stories

Dear Third Church Family,

Would you consider emailing me a brief description of a way you are seeking/choosing to be the “hands, feet or voice of Jesus” in your daily life?

On Sunday, Nov. 6th, our coporate worship theme is “church.”  I am seeking true life TRC stories of ways we, the church, are living into God’s STORY.  If you email something to me, may I prayerfully/carefullly consider using some part of it?

The goal on Nov. 6th is to bring encouragement as we are “the church” and in this, we offer glory to God.

Please respond by Sunday evening, Oct. 30th to Kevin Korver.

Thank you!  Please remember, you remain in my prayers.

Kevin Korver

This post was originally written January 10, 2011, but more recently posted here to consolidate my writing.  Enjoy!